AWRY [UH] + [RY] is brand born in Austin, TX in early 2023. Yes, we're very fresh on the scene and we have one goal: make ridiculously sexy underwear that is still comfier than anything else in your closet. Every pair we produce looks stunning, and feels even better than it looks. We guarantee it. 

"Awry" isn’t an acronym or a random assortment of letters; it’s actually a word that means “away from the expected or normal path.” Where convention says men must be conservative and inexpressive with their apparel, we take a hard left down our own path. AWRY can also mean “perverse” or “wrong,” which is our way of embracing the haters with a narrow idea of masculinity and of what men should or shouldn’t wear. You, and every other guy, deserve to look sexy and feel confident, no matter how little you’re wearing. 

Your underwear isn’t only for you, it’s also for the lucky people who get to see you wearing it. AWRY underwear is meant to be shown off. When you find a pair that lifts, hugs, enhances, and reveals in all of the right places, you might even look forward to getting caught with your pants down.

Underwear isn’t just a piece of clothing. In fact, it is probably the only thing that touches your best assets even more than you do! Don’t compromise on something this important! We’ll put you in a premium pair that will look amazing and make you feel even better, inside and out.

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