About Us

(We're Not That Complicated)

AWRY [UH] + [RY] was started out of a garage and a spare bedroom in Austin, TX in 2022, launched in 2023, and is now nearly the fastest growing underwear brand in the US! Yes, we're new. No, our underwear doesn’t suck. We’ll bet our pairs are sexier, comfier, and higher quality than anything else in your closet!

"Awry" isn’t an acronym or a random assortment of letters; it’s a word that means “away from the expected or normal path.” Convention says men must be conservative and inexpressive with their apparel, but that’s pretty dumb, isn’t it? We want to stray away from that idea. Awry also means “perverse” or “wrong," so naming our brand "Awry" is our way of smirking at anyone with a narrow idea of masculinity and of what men should or shouldn’t wear. You deserve to look sexy and feel confident, no matter how little you’re wearing.

Meet The Owner

That's me, the guy writing this, and the guy who's designed just about every product you see on this website. My name is Quinn, and I'm the owner and head honcho for most things at AWRY. These are some totally candid shots of me casually designing products. We definitely didn't stage them to make me look more professional and good looking than I actually am.

From Ground Zero

We really did start in a garage and spare bedroom. Here are the pics to prove it! We've never let being small get in the way of producing some awesome products. We are quickly growing beyond our humble beginnings thanks to each and every customer who has taken a chance on us. Thank you!


We can't wait to keep growing with you! We're set to 4X our product line in 2024 and include shorts, tops, swimwear, and more. Keep a close eye out (or join our email list) to stay in the know on what's to come!

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